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video productions for luxury hospitality

VIDEO PRODUCTION  moments in time. 

With passion and attention to detail, I offer you the opportunity to effectively present special moments in your hotel and share them in a inspiring way. Together we create vivid video material that is able to not only enhance the exceptional experience of your service, but at the same time be meaningful and cause real significance. My vision is the holistic implementation of tangible audiovisual content in all areas of your service: From booking to the multimedia offering in the rooms to your social media presence. Let's rethink your digital communication together! 


My partners particularly appreciate my commitment, the eye for detail and true value as well as our “familiar” collaboration. With meticulousness and diligence I pursue the holistic and meaningful implementation of video content.... more


Atmospheric videos with a variety of impressions from your hotel as a representative illustration of the individual charm and distinctive service as well as an overview of the rooms and offers, perfect for your website or fair appearances... more


Topic-specific videos to draw attention to seasonal and/or year-round offerings and unique facets of your property, provide exceptional insights and generate long-term interest in your hotel, particularly in demand on social media... mehr


VIDEO PRODUCTION — for high demands.

Whether a representative image film or a topic-specific social media video, video productions of this type must be individual and personal and live up to their claim of providing insights, arousing interest and revealing that special something. They have to convey the extraordinary experience with innovative ideas, depict the diverse moments of pleasure and always offer value for the viewer. This can only be achieved through scenes that do justice to the charm of your hotel and the associated attention to detail. The top goals are to present the content in a compact and meaningful way, to make it possible to experience it in a vivid way and to build a connection between the guest or (potential) customer and you. This is the only way the final video can achieve what can be expected from it: Draw attention to what is special, bring the guest closer to an unforgettable stay and highlight the uniqueness of your hotel with real exemplification.

Depending on the type of project, purpose, target group and platform, we have to design your video individually and accordingly implement our shoot on location. Basically, we can distinguish into three types: [1] "Image films" (=videos with representative impressions as welcome videos on your website or on the screens in the lobby), [2] "Social media clips" (=videos as posts on social media that provide special insights and specifically generate attention) as well as [3] "Spotlights" (= short video sequences that present a special aspect and are ideal for Instagram & Co., but also suitable for the booking process/In-Room-TV/screen in the elevator... see examples below!). Other formats or individual priorities are possible, e.g. employer branding videos (corporate philosophy, portraits of staff members...) or fictional short films (for anniversaries, special occasions...)!

You can find more information about my concept and the holistic implementation approach of video content here.