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video productions for luxury hospitality


As one of the finest addresses in the industry it is important to be in touch with people, share exclusive insights into the unforgettable moments of your hotel experience and implement such a marketing strategy with foresight. Adequate presentation is based on choosing the appropriate medium to showcase this content. Simple still images (photos) do not exploit the potential. High-quality moving images (videos), on the other hand, arouse emotions, offer added value and provide short and compact memorable insights into a wide range of facets. However, individual image films in the sense of one large video about the entire hotel fade in its individual existence and can no longer meet the requirements alone. So take the opportunity to reflect the diversity of your company through a variety of social media clips, because a comprehensive and long-term view is crucial: You can generate and expand lasting interest through the emotional impact of your videos (videos have a longer viewing time and are shared more often than other content!), maintain your guests/followers, inform your customers and business partners and convince them with an authentic, friendly and transparent appearance! Always remember: Your house and the experience there becomes part of your guests' lives. If they later remember their stay with pleasant feelings, you as the host have done everything right. With videographic impressions these emotions can be retold and/or become an impulse for new experiences.

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A special form are so-called “spotlights”. Find out more further down on this page  




“Spotlights” are what I call a special form of social media clips, namely short video clips (<1min.) that visualize or present selected content from your services. These mini image films are perfect for platforms like Instagram, where short but regular video formats provide great added value for your audience loyalty and general interest. In addition to seasonal content, the focus when creating these videos can also be on specific facets or sub-areas of the hotel. Exclusive insights and emotions are created that normal photos cannot offer.