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video productions for luxury hospitality


Aware of my responsibility to represent the ambience of your property and the passion of your employees, I have specialized in exceptional hotels and only be in charge of video projects for and in the luxury hotel industry. It is particularly important to me not to praise luxury in a blunt way, but to focus on conscious enjoyment, to explore meaning and its creation by focusing on the little things and to emphasize real appreciation for them.
Not all videos are the same and not all video producers are the same. Of course, I will respond to your requirements as precisely as possible, but as with every videographer, my typical characteristics remain recognizable - in particular the calm and structured images as well as the aesthetics in each individual shot, which, in keeping with my standards, must always be a painting in itself.
Another key aspect of my concept is the goal of providing information through transparency: My approach is to give the viewer an "open picture" of your house and its rooms, primarily through clarity and frequent wide-angle shots, in order to answer the guest's questions before booking, when he inevitably asks himself: What does the hotel really look like? What can I expect and will it convince me? The atmosphere in your house as well as your characteristic USP, the unique selling point that the guests of your house particularly value, must be worked out accordingly.
I see my videos as a magnifying glass for a real perception of beautiful things and as a means of celebrating that conscious perception of materiality, which finds its most sublime form in the luxury hotel industry.

On my own initiative, I pursue a holistic approach in which I do not see myself only as a supplier, but as a producer and consultant in one. I would be happy to support you beyond video production by implementing the video material into your marketing strategy. Work with me to expand your digital marketing through diverse video content, to design it innovatively and to increase the quality of content using videographic opportunities. The focus of our work will be on not only paying attention to the special features of your house and capturing them with lived precision, but also on making your product more tangible overall using the medium of film and integrating video content into all areas of your service. In this context, we attach particular importance to the question of how the viewer will connect with your house via the video being developed.

The fundamental transformation in the use of audiovisual media within the hotel industry is reflected in the shift away from a single image film, designed and used for the next five to ten years, towards regular video content on and for social media, which is continuous, always up-to-date and provide diverse insight. Now it's time to take the next step: The expansion and optimized use of the diverse advantages of audiovisual media for all services in your hotel (from the booking process to the TVs/tablets in the rooms to your social media presence)!
My vision for the coming years is to establish this holistic marketing within the luxury hotel industry using audiovisual content and, in the process, to support existing strengths with video material and to increase the immersiveness that comes with it.

Video content should be viewed as a further level in your comprehensive service concept, because in their different areas of application they enable information (about the service offered, the processes, the ambience, etc. and cause interpersonal closeness, e.g. in the booking process), entertainment (to generate joy, relaxation and distraction) and inspiration (for a stay or other additional services within your hotel).
My approach is therefore to promote the integration of audiovisual elements in all areas of your service and to produce video material specifically for the respective purpose: social media, website, events/trade fairs, public spaces (lobby/restaurant/bar/spa), rooms (TV/Tablet), booking process and mailing (confirmation message, feedback form, newsletter). The aim is to intensify and augment the existing offers and structures! In this sense, the underlying intention is not to increase sales per se, but rather the service mentality and thus the increased satisfaction and information of the guests, which can then result in the more frequent use of (additional) services. Let us see our work as an opportunity to enrich people's lives and work together to create this added value for your guests and for you through specific video material!


The following aspects encourage me to carry out further projects:



The contemporary marketing of an offer is crucial. It is important to explore suitable staging strategies in order to bring customer-oriented needs to the fore. What does today's "modern" guest want? Boring run-of-the-mill pictures, seen many times on almost every website? Hardly likely! Particularly in the wake of the restructuring of the service industry, advancing digitalization and socio-cultural transformation with changes in values and correspondingly high demand for relaxation and enjoyment, it is important to use an adequate opportunity to clearly present your own offers and advantages, up close to make it tangible and to bring out the individual characteristics in a condensed manner.

Information und insight.

At the interface between guest and staff, I continually recognize the importance and necessity of making the offerings, the atmosphere and the location per se more transparent, providing insight and an overview, creating an incentive for a visit and increasing anticipation. When potential guests come to your hotel's website or social media page, they want to get an immediate overview of the services and rooms and do so as clearly as possible - a audiovisual compilation is ideal for this. In contrast to still images, a video does not convey single impressions, but rather presents many impressions in a very short time and in a vivid way. In addition, audiovisual content serves to form identity or its presentation and help the guest/prospective customer to get to know the house and its atmosphere or philosophy better.

Most suitable.

Videos e.g. as a social media post are ideal for getting attention for your service. You can generate interest and/or provide special information about seasonal offers throughout the year in a comparably easy way. This type of communication with customers should be used to optimally develop economic potential! Although there is a strong positive trend, what strikes me privately again and again is how many companies in the hospitality sector do not use this relatively simple opportunity or make too little use of it, even though such video content often has a greater effect than any other form of marketing: Audiovisual content can present your special features in a substantive and extremely tangible way and appeal to many senses - in a way that will be memorable and lasting in the viewer's memory. Videos also increase the length of stay, lead to multiple distribution among friends and acquaintances and thus automatically generate more attention. You should also view video content as entertainment or a moment of enjoyment and therefore as an additional service for your guests or interested parties.

Especially now.

Due to increasing pluralization and fast-moving progression, all service sectors are facing major challenges. In the hotel industry in particular, it is important to reposition yourself after the grueling pandemic, to win back or gain customers and to provide fresh impetus. The departure into the business world of the 20s offers many risks, but at least as many opportunities. That's why you should place more emphasis than ever on sharpening the focus on your guests and employees and marketing yourself holistically. Let's talk about a variety of options!