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video productions for luxury hospitality


Since 2014 I have been publishing short films about various cities worldwide on my YouTube channel. At this point producing videos had been my hobby for several years. While others primarily focused on photography and still images, I was always interested in moving images. This is precisely what makes it possible to show a lot of things in a vivid way in a short time, to capture scenes authentically, to provide a variety of impressions and to reproduce places realistically. Numerous sightseeing videos have been created over the years, always aimed at properly representing the respective city with all its well-known sights and offering a diverse, representative insight into the relevant location. During all the city trips, at some point I got to capture impressions in special hotels. Hotels that are places of well-being and can become a second home. Houses that impress with their charm and atmosphere, offer a pleasure experience and create true luxury, namely experiencing the moment in its entirety. Inspiring places for deep thoughts and philosophical impulses, enriched by selected products as an expression of appreciation for natural objects as well as places for special encounters in the form of empathetic, respectful contacts. With gratitude for this special opportunity I have now specialized in videography productions for luxury hotels, have excellent knowledge of the industry and am looking forward to further exciting projects in very special addresses in the hospitality industry. Always showcasing the respective house and its services with the utmost commitment inspires me and makes it more than just a hobby - a real passion.

The memories and experiences from the time of city trips remain and with them the numerous videos. Below are some examples: